Solar Currency


5 Bold New Principles to Create Sustainability and Prosperity and Eliminate World Hunger and Poverty

What if solar energy were a currency, not just a commodity?

We think of solar energy as a clean renewable source of energy to power our homes, our offices and our economies. But what if we thought of solar energy as a currency – a medium of exchange, not just a consumable commodity to run televisions, computers or air conditioners? What could be possible?

  • Solar currency is better than “money,” in part because solar power is a nearly inexhaustible resource
  • Solar currency could be used to barter for services or goods
  • Solar currency could be used to raise our standard of living
  • For someone who has virtually nothing, solar currency is hope
  • After all, the sun is free
  • A bumper crop of energy every year
  • Solar harvesting panels last for 40 years
  • To begin small and expand
  • Owned cooperatively and collaboratively
  • Cooperative capitalism
  • Owned by all, benefiting all
  • Creating value. Monetizing the future
  • Learning to live from possibility
  • Building a consciousness of flow
  • Transforming the inner world and outer
  • Where heaven and earth become ONE
  • A Divine Gift to celebrate Spirit
  • The light of Spirit reflected in the light of Man


How does it work?

The Mini-Solar Energy Generator (MSG)

A single 100 kw solar panel is the beginning of a system that can create resources for an impoverished area, such as a small village or medium sized community. The key is that a large portion of the solar energy is stored, bartered or sold, instead of used up or wasted. Additionally, some of the resources are applied to securing additional solar panels, so that the resources are increased.   Micro solar generation works throughout much of the world, such as rooftop panels in the US, Europe and parts of Asia. However, most of the energy generated is not stored, but is intended to be used up.

But a solar currency MSG is intended to be an income source first, and a power source second, in the same way that a restaurant is intended to feed customers, not simply being a source of food for its owners.

It is owned by the entire village in a form of cooperative and collaborative ownership. Such ownership is similar to trade or agriculture collaboratives, mutual insurance or other financial institutions, and community-owned services or businesses. Because solar panels have a 40-year life, once the production value is proven, the ownership shares have a present value, if they are securitized.

Consider what a dramatic turnaround this can be, especially for villages that have little or no natural resources, subsistence or below subsistence agriculture or livestock, and are at the mercy of intense sunlight, heat, lack of water, etc. The MSG monetizes hope and provides a future for economic development that is limited only by the imagination.

Micro-solar generation (MSGs)

  • Single or several panels, with inverters and battery system
  • Electricity is rationed, a portion saved to trade.
  • Fundraising to expand these to create essential quality of life solutions
  • Major one would be health care
  • Ability to have clean drinking water
  • Panels are good for 30-40 years.
  • Ability to break out of poverty is a 10-year program.
  • Education, cottage industry
  • MSGs owned by the village – each person owns a percentage
  • You must live in the village to own it; you must own it if you live in the village.
  • Establishment of management team and advisors
  • Everyone votes on directors and management team.


What happens when solar energy becomes solar currency?

Using MSG to create an ongoing flow of resources is just the beginning, and is about 20 percent of the solution. Economic growth and ongoing resource generation can only become a long term boon to its owners if they are able to grow out of survival mindset, and learn as a village to appreciate that their lives have more meaning than just living day to day. The principles of Soul Currency – the inner qualities invested into outer success, are one of most important aspects of solar energy. From the resources generated by solar come other opportunities limited only by imagination and belief in a sustaining and thriving mindset.

Imagine what Dubai was only 75 years ago: desert, nomadic, with relatively poor tribes and small, squalid cities. This almost seems forgotten with the opulence that has been created by monetizing oil. Also forgotten is that the resources created have only benefited a limited few, but immense success and resources have lifted all to a smaller extent.

Solar energy is a birthright. It is not likely to run out in the foreseeable future. All economic development and industry is dependent on energy. But to use it for the greatest benefits requires vision, compassion, collaboration, and a willingness to transform the inner beliefs in limitation and survival to abundance, flow and thriving.

• Ability to create a medium of exchange for poorest areas of the world
• Capability of planning many seeds of economic development
• Resources can be exchanged for food and water, machinery, schools, etc.
• Will change countries, affect lives of millions

Please contact us for information about how you can be involved in this new world project.

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